Cee recites this
I’m yellow to French Tour cyclists
I’m white to nuns prayin’ to the mightiest righteous
I’m red to Spanish bulls splicin’ matadors
when they detect no respect like Jabberjaw
I’m red to rated x sex districts
to beauty, to fire, to passion, yes! the way I spit shit
I’m blue to navy sailors, depressed guitar players
to working class collars fuckin’ up the blue flag
I’m grey to the shiny platinum rims on ya new Jag
grey to the hound bustin’ lines light speeding fast
ask yaself who could that be?
morphin’ into any color like no other…
I’m orange to the Dutch Queen, the Dutch teams
I’m brown to sugar lust dreams
to the lamb, duck ‘n beef
I’m brown to the fuckin’ chief of the tribe
scarred, but in charge whether you make it out alive
I’m black to martial arts boys with dropkicks and chopsticks
I’m black to heavy metal gothic in moshpits
I’m purple to them Roman emperors
to ya face when I increase the temperature
I surrender ya
I’m the green to ya Paradise you send me
the green to ya envy
to the sickenin’ styles I’m inflictin’ upon you
ask yaself who could that be?
morphin’ into any color, I’m colorless

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