Don’t wake me

Het tweede couplet van het nummer ‘Don’t Wake Me’:

I wonder why the clock ticks the way it does
I wonder why I can’t go back to simple love
There are riots in my head, I can’t get enough
Moment of silence for the dead, tick tock tick tock
You know time flies by, in the blink of an eye
It can all be over, you must change your life tonight
Purpose you must find
The purple person perseveres, perfection’s preferred but I’m persistently hurt by fear
I see through your aura, I know your horrors
Your horoscope ain’t shit to me, cause I know your colours
I am Nobody, in a dark forest
And you’ll forever be mine until the ends upon us
And the sky turns black, my soul leaves my mouthI wonder how, that moment could be right now
Are you proud Father Time? You ruined the night
Now forever it will be dark in this place of light

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