How do you kill a man?

How do you kill a man? 
You erase his name 
With the pencil it was written 
And close the book where it once rested 
You scrape the dirt from under his fingernails 
And keep it in a jar 
On a wooden bedside table 
Which you set ablaze 
With used up cigarettes 
You inhale, exhale 
The smoke that gathers 
And watch the flames 
Burn away 
The ashes 

How do you kill a man? 
You hide away the remains 
His clothes that no longer cling
His cologne that no longer wafts 
And while it still tightens around your throat
Your tears don’t fall anymore 
Your breath doesn’t stop
People will meet your gaze again 
For the face of death no longer hovers 
He has seeped into the cracks of your walls
He swings from the chandelier 
Watches you from the mirror 
Clings to your shadow 
For the world deems him faded 
And you keep him alive 
He doesn’t want to die
Not yet 

How do you kill a man?
You throw away the letters he wrote you 
Read them one last time 
Stain the paper with your tears 
In his honour 
Before ripping them apart 
You catch his whispers 
Scrub away his fingerprints 
Get rid of the taste he left in your mouth 
By brushing 
And flossing 
Until your gums start bleeding 
Blow his last breath into a bottle
Label it: the love of my temporary 

How do you kill a man?
By pretending 
He was never that man in the first place 
No more than a boy 
Rip him away from the clouds inside those caramel thoughts 
Dip him inside ink 
Speak ill 
When you know you’re not supposed to 
You must distance yourself
For he keeps digging
His fingernails into your insides 
And no one thinks of it as odd
When you cough up his blood
To them it looks like flowers 
To them
He is no more 

How do you kill a man? 
You carve his name under your tongue 
And speak about worlds where he’s not present 
Until it no longer pains you

How do you kill a man? 
You kiss him 
Over and over  
Until he believes youre a lake
That only he may swim in 
And that your saliva staining his lips
Will make him live forever

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