Raw Hawkshaw

Verse One
(‘Where the fuck am I?!’) Man, still at the office
hangover’s killin’ me, I’m feelin’ all nauseous
I smell worse than the swamps of N’ Orleans
there’s my prompt and gorgeous secretary
(let’s give her some orders)
gimme aspirins and coffee to revive my dead mind
today’s paper for sensational headlines
‘Red Red Wine’ by UB40 blasts from her radio
(causin’ me to puke again) so I toss it out the window
it crashes on the street below in front of this lady
she’s drivin’ me crazy in my dreams lately
but she always escapes me, this time ain’t no different
(‘Where ya goin’ babey?!’) but in the mist she slips in
(‘Where she disappeared to no one knows’) (Jungle Brothers-‘Belly Dancin’ Dina’)
ah well, time to rejoin the working Moe’s & Joe’s
lo and behold
I’m told to go to some villa in the forest by my secretary Sheila
she’s the- lemon to my tequila, and I’m the dealer of all cards
massive private dick’s in charge
(above the law?) achum, well, time to head out the door
French kiss Sheila slightly and leave her desperate for more

Verse Two
A bumpy five-hour ride later I arrive
at the end of the dark and deep woods
deprived of sunlight
I make my way to the villa
hmmm, more an abandoned shack to be exact
I’m greeted with the barrel of a gun, a big one
(‘Gimme a good explanation or it’s death you’re facin’’)
I’m the private dick you send for, remembor (= remember)?
she finally calms down and is all charms now
I learn that the lady in question needs my protection
from some serious monsters, dangerous mobsters
who robbed a bank a while ago, killed all clientele
except for her and now her life’s a dying hell
she tells that the cops out here are corrupt as well
and needs my help, she doesn’t know who else-
to turn to but me and breaks down in tears
I console her and pledge to take away her fears
clear-cut and relieved she gives me all the details
my thoughts derail ‘cause she’s a delicious female
(‘Please stay for the night’) she sais, eyes all misty
I say ‘all right’ and she replies (‘kiss me’)

Verse Three
(‘God DAMN!’) What’s all this racket ‘n stuff?
got me actin’ all tuff in the middle of the night
just when I was sleepin’ so tight with my client beside me
but I hear footsteps in the dark and it ain’t the Isley’s (The Isley Brothers-‘Footsteps In The Dark’)
how did those numbskulls find me and my baby?
right now, she’s in shock ‘n I hear the hammers cockin’
guns and Uzis spray a million bullets in the air
(‘Broken glass everywhere’) (Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five-‘The Message’)
it’s fair to say I’m in a lil’ predicament
so let’s throw the ultimate private dick in it

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