Het derde couplet uit het nummer ‘Stellar’:

Stella you’re a star, the sun in my galaxy so far
Away from me, it was meant to be, cause I’m me and you’re smart
Though honestly the boundaries we broke drove us apart
But I’m happy to your smile again when he holds you in his arms
Cause life goes on, therefor so do I
I’d like to apologize for holding back so many times
I wonder what could’ve been, if I’d dived in, would we still be alive
Or would we get stuck in the reef or suffocate in the sky
Now I’m lying on my back with my shades on
Smoking cigarettes until my days are done
Thinking about what’s next cause the pain’s gone
Tiny hole in my chest where you live on
And even though we haven’t face to face in years
I know nothing’s changed, you’re the same as that starry kid
Stella you’re a star, the sun in my galaxy, so close
We were to make it, greatness, I fucked up my chance I know
A little void in my heart and I’ll keep you there forever
It’ll always be yours because I still think you’re stellar.

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